Apparatus & Equipment

Positioning Apparatus for Maximum Efficiency and Safety

Issue 2 and Volume 163.

BY BILL GUSTIN Safe and effective placement of apparatus at fires requires discipline to take the time to conduct a size-up before committing companies. Proper apparatus positioning also requires foresight to visualize what the fire, the fire building, and the fire scene will look like later in the incident—once other apparatus are on the scene. A fire officer who is first to arrive at a fire must conduct an initial size-up that considers the following factors that affect apparatus placement. The location of the fire. Where and how to reach it. The possibility of damage to apparatus from fire intensification, building collapse, or falling electrical wires. Positioning of later-arriving apparatus.   You cannot always determine the location of the fire and how to reach it from the cab of the first-arriving apparatus. For example, large buildings accessible by more than one street and an alley or a complex consisting of…

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