Freelancing Isn’t Free

Issue 2 and Volume 163.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Our last “Unplugged” started a discussion about the early stages of the ongoing fire service adventure into developing and using an incident command system (ICS) to manage hometown hazard-zone operations. I was an early recruit and have been playing (fourth fiddle) in the local-level ICS band since the beginning almost 40 years ago. I spent my entire career assigned as a local yokel to a remote desert outpost where the weather is always routine and dull—it looks summertime bright and sunny pretty much 365 days a year. It doesn’t snow, and we have fifth graders who have never seen rain. We do not have natural disasters (no large wildland fires, mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, civil disorders, etc.). All of our incidents are currently underway right down the street, pretty much contained to the involved address and their immediate exposed neighbors. During my time on the job, we…

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