Ventilating Peaked Roofs: The Milwaukee Method

Issue 01 and Volume 01.

By: David Rickert Ventilating Peaked Roofs The Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) has a long history of aggressive interior attack combined with equally aggressive vertical ventilation. Truck companies are comprised of four or five person crews and are well versed in peaked-roof ventilation. Milwaukee’s typical peaked-roof scenario is a two and a half story wood frame private dwelling with some type of steeply- pitched, raftered gable roof; composed of roof boards, cedar shake, and shingles; add to this the possibility of ice, snow, and or sub-zero temperatures six months out of the year, and it is no wonder Milwaukee truck crews have developed their own system for venting peaked-roofs. This is not some fly-by-night system hastily drawn up on a chalkboard and used once on the training ground during a sunny day in June. Rather, it is a method which has been tested and tweaked, on thousands of roofs, out in…

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