Truck Company

Truck Company Tools Across the Country

Issue 3 and Volume 163.

BY MICHAEL N. CIAMPO Across the country, firefighters use different tools to perform truck company operations. Normally, every truck company has a firefighter who is assigned forcible entry duties. This firefighter normally carries a set of irons—usually some type of a prying tool such as a halligan, claw, or pry bar “married” with a flathead ax, sledgehammer, or splitting maul. In some cases, the person assigned the forcible entry position may even carry a hydraulic forcible entry tool. However, when assigned other positions or tasks such as overhaul or ventilation, these firefighters may choose another type of tool or hook. In many instances, firefighters often carry two tools that complement each other and enable them to handle a variety of fireground situations. Many fire departments may have a particular tool or hook that was created years ago and remains the mainstay or the “go to” tool in their department. Firefighters…

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