Fire Prevention & Protection

Fire-Lite Alarms Introduces Enclosed Building Systems Control Relay

Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell (NYSE:HON) has released a UL-listed fire alarm relay module with enclosure, designed to enable the control of building systems such as fans, dampers, and elevators during emergencies. The ROME (Relay Option Module Enclosure) can be conveniently installed up to 1,250 feet away from an addressable fire alarm control panel to provide as many as ten programmable relays for control of various building systems’ functions.

The removal or confinement of smoke and shut-down of elevators and escalators are critical functions mandated by code that can be initiated through the ROME. For larger-scale jobs, the enclosure offers enough mounting space for an additional relay module.

As a non-proprietary product, sold over-the-counter at security/fire retail locations throughout the US, the ROME now provides all installers with an easily accessible, code-compliant solution for use with any of Fire-Lite’s current-day addressable systems.

According to Fire-Lite Product Manager, Bill Brosig, a NICET IV fire alarm professional, this simple product fills a big void, “Through our customers, we learned there were very few options available for a relay control module with an enclosure that were UL-approved. Many dealers were forced to use random electrical enclosures that weren’t always allowed by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).”

The ROME’s relay module communicates with the control panel over two-wires with an additional two wires used to provide 24-Volt DC power. Alternatively, a single four-conductor unshielded cable may be used for both power and data communications. Moreover, the relay module requires minimal programming.

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