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Notifier Emergency Communications IP Platform Goes Digital

NOTIFIER by Honeywell announces that its IP-based emergency communications (a.k.a. mass notification) platform has gone completely digital to optimize speed and intelligibility of emergency communications. The ONYXWorks workstation enables users to distribute live audio messages digitally via its NOTIFY-IP Internet gateway to local, regional, national and even international facilities. An intelligent network interface designed by NOTIFIER enables the workstation and IP platform to easily integrate with buildings’ new or existing fire alarm voice evacuation systems to provide onsite and remote monitoring and control.

The ONYXWorks workstation is a high-speed industrial PC with an interactive graphic display capable of monitoring a combination of different manufacturers’ building systems, including fire alarm, security, access control and video. The addition of NOTIFY-IP allows authorized users to instantly deploy pre-recorded commands or live voice instructions (via a microphone at the workstation) over a secure Internet connection. Whether directed to specific building areas or entire campuses, the speed and intelligibility of audio communications provided by NOTIFY-IP’s new digital platform can be crucial in the midst of an emergency.

Paging zones and pre-recorded commands for emergency communications can be created through the ONYXWorks workstation at the time of its initial set-up. During an emergency, NOTIFY-IP’s intuitive screen commands make the activation of emergency communications to desired paging locations simple. NOTIFY-IP also confirms delivery of messages by providing feedback from all zones and speakers activated by the paging command. All emergency communications are encrypted for security purposes and each network IP connection is continuously monitored for system integrity.

NOTIFIER’s Ethernet gateway allows users to monitor multiple facilities from any remote location via Ethernet. In the event a fire/security command center equipped with an ONYXWorks workstation needs to be evacuated, authorized users can still deploy pre-recorded commands through the NOTIFY-IP gateway through Ethernet.

NOTIFY-IP is compatible with NOTIFIER’s ONYX Series of fire protection and mass notification systems. For more product information or to contact a local NOTIFIER Engineered Systems Distributor, visit