NVFC Fire Corps Recruitment and Retention Guide Now Available

Is your Fire Corps program having difficulty recruiting new members or retaining the volunteers you do have? The National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NFVC) Fire Corps office has released a Recruitment and Retention Guide to help you in your efforts.
Recruitment and retention of volunteers is critical to the success of any program, yet both can pose significant challenges to the organization seeking help. A key factor in successfully recruiting and retaining volunteers is to gain an understanding of why people choose to volunteer and what makes them continue to volunteer.
The Recruitment and Retention Guide (PDF) starts with an examination of volunteerism today to give fire and emergency service departments insight in how to find, recruit, motivate, and retain volunteers. It then provides specific ideas and suggestions for recruiting and retaining volunteers, including where to find potential Fire Corps volunteers, how to reach out to them, and how to sustain the program.
Download the Fire Corps Recruitment and Retention Guide HERE or find it on the Fire Corps Web sites under Resources/Implement a Program.