Truck Company

The Two-Team Truck Company

Issue 4 and Volume 163.

BY NICHOLAS A. MARTIN To successfully combat any structural fire, a coordinated symphony of operations must occur simultaneously. This is in conflict with the fact that many of the nation’s fire departments operate with limited staffing and resources. As a result, we must seek ways to use the resources we do have as efficiently as possible. Below I will discuss how using “two-team” operations maximizes your firefighting efficiency and ensures that essential fireground tasks are accomplished simultaneously. First, remember that truck company operations are about tasks and not about the vehicle. Although many fire departments don’t have a dedicated truck company, they still perform ventilation, forcible entry, search, and other tasks that are traditionally categorized as “truck work.” These operations are often assigned to an available engine or rescue company; you can apply the “two-team” concepts discussed below to these situations, too.   STRUCTURAL FIRE TASKS   At a structural…

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