Engine Company

Keeping the Pressure On

Issue 5 and Volume 163.

BY KEVIN KALMUS Your engine company is the first pumping apparatus on the scene of a structure fire. After securing a hydrant, Engine 1 and Engine 10 crews have deployed your two 200-foot, preconnected crosslays, consisting of 1¾-inch handlines. Engine 1 stretched its line into the building as an attack line, and Engine 10 is protecting an exposure on the B side. Both lines require a 125-psi discharge pressure. Engine 11’s personnel stretched your 250-foot, 2½-inch line (attached to the driver’s side rear outlet) into the building to back up Engine 1; it requires a 110-psi discharge pressure. To protect a nearby apartment building, Quint 11 has deployed a small quick-attack ground monitor connected by a 200-foot, 2½-inch hose to your rear passenger side outlet; it needs a 100-psi pump discharge pressure (photo 1). (1) Photos by author. Everything is going fine, when suddenly your intake pressure drops to just…

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