Don’t’ Forget About Your Old Tools

Issue 5 and Volume 163.

By GEOFF NIELSEN Many new and great tools have been introduced to the fire service, including thermal imaging cameras, new hose and foam types, and water appliances (such as large-diameter hose and constant flow nozzles); even the standard fire ax has gone from six to eight pounds with fiberglass handles. These new items are wonderful tools in every fire department’s arsenal and, hopefully, every fire department has them or will purchase them in the future. However, there are some useful tools that, even though they are still shown in some catalogs and training manuals, have gone by the wayside. Hose roller (hoist) (photo 1). The hose hoist can be an excellent tool for certain situations and, many years ago, a lot of major cities carried it. Years ago, there were one or two manufacturers that made the hoist out of brass, and it was somewhat heavy. Because of its weight,…

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