SOP for Command Function #1

Issue 5 and Volume 163.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI We have been discussing both standard operating procedures (SOPs) and command functions for a while in our ongoing “Unplugged” discourse, so I thought it would make sense to present an example of the SOP for Command Function #1. This is a short, simple version that fits on one side of a 3×5 card. Wow! What an idea. The incident commander (IC) can carry an actual SOP in his shirt pocket rather than bury it somewhere in a big fat “Disaster Plan” notebook with two-inch rings that sits eternally unused on a lonely bookshelf in the battalion chief’s (BC) office. Having the first arriver become IC #1 eliminates any zero impact, period, or ZIP. We grab control in the beginning, maintain control throughout, and never lose control. The initial radio report is a standard way that IC #1 announces that initial command is “in business,” and the report…

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