Truck Company

Life, Fire, and Operations

Issue 5 and Volume 163.

By Michael N. Ciampo Pulling up to the three-story isolated wood-frame flat-roof dwelling with fire showing from the third-floor windows, the first-due engine and truck put their standard operating attack tactics into service. The engine stretched a 13⁄4-inch attack line, the truck raised the aerial to the roof for ventilation operations and threw portable ladders, and the engine chauffeur secured a water supply. As we reached the front door to the structure, we saw three doorbells and mailboxes, indicating that each floor was most likely a separate occupancy. The stretch went well, the roof vent was timed perfectly, and the fire was quickly knocked down. After the fire, one of the members, who was studying for a promotional exam, questioned me about the initial size-up process used at this particular fire. He mentioned the acronym “COAL WAS WEALTH,” which helps make the 13 points easy to recall. But how easy…

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