Truck Company

Drill: Fire in the Attic Space

Issue 7 and Volume 163.

BY MICHAEL M. DUGAN The fire IN THE PHOTO BELOW appears to be in the attic space, which might mean a small stairway, a hatchway, or no access into the attic. The engine company will need a line on the second floor of this building to extinguish the fire in the attic. Bring a 1¾-inch handline to the second floor. This size handline is a quicker stretch and is more maneuverable on the second floor. You could stretch the hoseline dry to the second floor and charge it when it is in position. The dry stretch might make it easier for the members to quickly place the hoseline. Once the hoseline is in position, the officer can call for water in the line and operate the line from a position where water can hit the fire. The line might have to be operated into the attic from the second floor…

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