Extrication Zone

Use Personnel to Maximum Advantage

Issue 7 and Volume 163.

BY AARON J. HELLER Staffing levels in fire departments across the nation are continually under attack. We consider ourselves fortunate when the rig is staffed with four or more, as it should be. It is our responsibility to use our personnel to maximum advantage for the sake of our crew and those we are here to protect. If we do this properly, our patients’ outcomes will surely be improved. Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and extrications are on the rise in most communities. As our populations grow and developers eat up the rural areas, we are seeing an increase in traffic, especially on secondary roads. This is a recipe for MVAs. A well-staffed, well-trained, properly equipped, and motivated crew can accomplish a great deal with the first-due unit while waiting for the cavalry to arrive. It all begins with preparation and some foresight. A properly staffed rescue unit more easily can…

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