The Vertical Deadbolt Lock

Issue 02 and Volume 01.

By: Andrew Brassard Vertical dead bolt locks are the most common secondary locking device sold in North America; and they are be found on both commercial and residential doors. Vertical dead bolt locks maybe used to secure both inward and outward opening doors. Furthermore, these locks can be defeated using several techniques from conventional forcible-entry, to through the lock and modified-entry tactics. In this article, we will look at some proven techniques for forcing doors that utilize these types of additional security locks. The Vertical Dead Bolt lock is a surface mounted rim lock and is made up of four major parts: The Cylinder The Back Plate The Lock The Bezel Ring The Cylinder The Cylinder is a Rim Cylinder; they come in either standard or completely round. The round cylinder was designed to make it more difficult to pull it out of the door. The cylinder has two 10⁄32”…

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