Command on Display: Notes and ICS

Issue 8 and Volume 163.

BY BRETT M. MARTINEZ For many incident commander (IC) staff personnel, the command and control functions, specifically accountability and situational awareness, can rapidly grow beyond the normal span of control when incidents escalate. To help maintain control, numerous command boards and tracking systems have been developed. They have varying degrees of success and different price tags. Some departments that regularly conduct multiple-alarm events with expanding operations have created their own systems. Although these systems have all been useful and capable, some necessitate prior training or knowledge that may not always be available at the time of a rapidly expanding event. In addition, personnel must constantly practice to be competent in the system’s use. For agencies that do not deal with these events frequently, a rapidly deployable, easily generated system that all can understand is needed. Because of its limited use, it would be helpful if the system were inexpensive and…

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