Technical Rescue

Florida Task Force 1 Response

Issue 9 and Volume 163.

By LOUIE Fernandez Tools and training: How many times have you heard those words uttered by your training officers in your own organization? We can all remember our own experienced leaders in our department shouting at us constantly about carrying our hand tools and using them properly, not just to prop open a door either. As firefighters, we also train in our various specialties: rescue, ventilation, fire suppression, extrication, and so on. We all have become excited by the newest tool, gadget, or upgrade. But in Haiti, all the Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue Urban Search and Rescue Team had for the first few days of the earthquake response were trusty hand tools: the pry bar, the halligan, the sledgehammer, the pickhead ax, and the flathead ax. (1) The most common hand tools were used in every extrication. FL-TF 1 rescue specialists worked underneath the concrete slab while another squad got…

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