Intelligence-Gathering Tips

Issue 9 and Volume 163.

By Eric G. Bachman No matter what life endeavor, outcomes depend on effort. Hard work results in many invaluable benefits, and concentrated preparation yields great dividends. The fire service in particular goes to great lengths to be ready to change the outcomes of bad situations. Whether it’s conducting preventive maintenance, participating in training, or ensuring equipment is at the ready, many preincident actions contribute to an effective response. Many variables influence incident operations and responder life safety. Certain aspects, such as those listed above, are within the fire department’s control. However, when not addressed, not enforced, or inadvertently omitted, they can influence incident outcomes, sometimes tragically. All members of the organization must embrace and concentrate on preparation measures, regardless of how seemingly simple or redundant they may seem. Other variables are outside the fire department’s control or depend on other people, systems, and conditions: fire discovery and department notification, structural…

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