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Bridging The Gap: Fire Safety and Green Buildings

The green movement in the United States has grown beyond a fad, into a serious effort to minimize and even reverse the damage being done to our planet.  The Bridging The Gap: Fire Safety and Green Buildings document will cover such topics as the: Current Status of the Green Movement; Site Selection & Use such as Fire Department Access; Building Envelope and Design Attributes from Insulation to Water Conservation systems; Building Systems and Alternative Power Sources from Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Systems to High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans; Green Organizations; Case Studies and a Glossary of new Green Terms.  This guide and the series of checklists provided are intended to be used as a basic primer on fire safety and green construction, as well as a convenient means to access information on this subject.  It will not be all-inclusive, and will need to be updated often to ensure innovations in the green construction movement are addressed.  

This document is available to the fire service from a federal grant to the National Association of State Fire Marshal (NASFM). Visit the NASFM Web site at to obtain a copy.