Door Chock Basics

Issue 10 and Volume 163.

BY RICK FRITZ In 2008, I was “forced” into retirement by two strokes. At the time, I thought the fire service was deeply entrenched in the “back to basics” movement, which we had been teaching at the Fire Department Instructors Conference since the early 1990s. One leader in this movement, Andy Fredericks, was killed on 9/11, and we carried his message onward. “Back to the basics!” was our battle cry. However, while attending our local community college’s basic fire academy, I overheard a cadet ask an instructor why there were notches in the wooden chocks in his helmet. Basics? What you carry in your pockets is Basics 101! As a result, I dug up some information on “back to the very basics.” I hope you find it useful. Chocking doors is as vital to fire operations as water. Each door that the hoseline passes through must be chocked open. Reach…

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