Extrication Zone

Advanced School Bus Extrication

Issue 11 and Volume 163.

By PAUL HASENMEIER School bus accidents con-tinue to happen across our country, creating challenging rescues for emergency responders. An average of 10 student fatalities occur each year in school bus crashes, but there are many more injuries that need attention. Extrication techniques to remove windows, windshields, and doors on school buses are considered more basic, but they, too, require additional training in addition to what you have learned in fire school. When a bus rolls over, hits another bus, or crashes into another large vehicle, advanced extrication techniques may be necessary. Similar to accidents involving passenger cars, there may come a time when firefighters have to cut through the sidewall, roll a dash, flip the roof, or tunnel through the floor of a school bus. This article focuses on procedures to accomplish some of these advanced techniques. OPENING THE SIDEWALL School buses are built like tanks to protect our children.…

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