Fire Structure Size-Up for Nonofficers: The Five Ws

Issue 11 and Volume 163.

BY BARRY S. DASKAL Firecomm on the air for Station 2 and Station 4. An odor of smoke in the house. 123 First Street, cross streets of Main Street and the dead end. Time on the air is 2230 hours. As you arrive at the firehouse in response to the above announcement, you quickly don your turnout gear and hustle over to the rig, which is now being started. Four firefighters are already in the back; they are buckling up and tagging up. As you climb on the rig, it occurs to you to ask, “Is there an officer?” The reply from one of the members is, “No, they’re out of town at a meeting tonight.” At that moment, you decide to step up and “take the seat.” Now as you climb up front, you think, “OK, where do I go from here?” Taking the officer’s seat for an alarm…

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