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NVFC Encourages Firefighters to Take Part in Great American Smokeout

Every November, smokers across the country take the first step toward giving up cigarettes by participating in the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Great American Smokeout. With all the resources available to help smokers quit and stay quit, there has never been a better time to stop smoking and enjoy the health benefits. Take advantage of the Great American Smokeout and make November 19 the first day of your life as a non-smoker.
The ACS provides many resources to help you with setting your quit date, developing your quit plan, dealing with withdraw, and staying quit. Find these resources and much more at In addition, the ACS has developed the Quitline®, a clinically proven, free, telephone-based counseling program, at 1-800-ACS-2345. You may want to consult with your healthcare provider about the various smoking cessation medications available.
Since its inception in 2003, the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program has provided resources and information to help firefighters quit smoking. Now, the NVFC has partnered with Pfizer Inc. to develop an in-depth smoking cessation initiative. The Put It Out web site provides tools and information for individual first responders and their family members, as well as resources for state associations and departments wishing to launch a campaign in their region. Visit the site today to find a quit date calendar, health webinar, sample department no-smoking policy, motivational materials, and more.
Learn more about how you can quit smoking and adopt and maintain an all-around heart-healthy lifestyle. For additional resources and information, visit:; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; National Cancer Institute; My Time to Quit; American Lung Association; American Heart Association; and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.