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Report Focuses on Series of Suicides in Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department

A news report on considers the suicides of four Phoenix (AZ) firefighters over the course of seven months. Shaun Johnson, 35, was the first firefighter to take his own life; after being checked into a mental health facility, Johnson hanged himself on December 25, 2009. In March 2010, retired firefighter Conrad Garcia, 54, shot himself along the side of a freeway. According to his family and police reports, Garcia suffered from depression. About two weeks after Garcia’s death, Chris Bishop, 42, hanged himself in his garage. In July 2010, Corey Nelson, 33, also killed himself. Subsequently, the Phoenix Fire Department set up a task force to deal with the suicides and explore outreach programs.

Read the entire report HERE. Download a free training program (video and PowerPoint) about when firefighters and first responders should seek therapy HERE.