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Gamewell-FCI Now Approved GSA Schedule Vendor of Fire Alarm, Mass Notification Systems

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell (NYSE: HON)  is now a GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule No. 84 supplier of advanced fire alarm and mass notification (a.k.a. emergency communications) systems. Under GSA Contract No. GS-07F-0087X, Gamewell-FCI can supply government entities with state-of-the-art fire protection products, supported by its nationwide network of Platinum Associate Engineered Systems Distributors.

According to Gamewell-FCI’s VP of Sales, Steve Birdsall, the recently signed Local Preparedness Acquisition Act paved the way for more state and local government agencies to take advantage of the GSA Schedule. “This could not have come at a better time, considering our challenging economy,” states Birdsall. “Many government facilities are either in need of a new system that’s code-compliant or a required addition such as a mass notification system.”

The breadth of Gamewell-FCI commercial fire alarm and mass notification products offered through the GSA Schedule fit virtually any size application, including small to high-rise buildings and large campuses such as military posts. Its E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation system’s module design provides each job a custom fit with easy expansion, reconfiguration, and networking capabilities.

For retrofit installations requiring updated fire alarm capabilities, the Gamewell-FCI E3 Series can often repurpose existing fire alarm components, such as wiring, notification appliances, speakers and more. With the ability to integrate all system components using only one-pair of unshielded, twisted copper wires or fiber optic cable, installation of an E3 Series system is both economical and non-evasive.

Mass notification systems have become a major requirement for many large-scale government properties. The DOD (Department of Defense) outlines requirements for mass notification systems throughout US military installations in its UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria) document 4-021-01. A combined fire alarm/mass notification system is described in the UFC as “the simplest and most economical approach”.

Many DOD engineers and facility managers have already partnered with local Gamewell-FCI distributors to design and install combined fire alarm/mass notification systems. According to the UFC, “Fire protection engineering personnel are needed for the successful implementation of this UFC because they bring a special expertise in life safety evaluations, building evacuation systems, and the design of public notification systems.”

“Becoming a GSA supplier was a very intricate process, but I think it will benefit both local and federal agencies,” says Birdsall. “Our ESDs are life safety experts who are familiar with all the applicable codes and have the support of the entire Gamewell-FCI company behind them.”

More detailed product information from Gamewell-FCI is available online at Contact your local Gamewell-FCI representative to discuss specific fire alarm and life safety applications or to request a one-on-one product demonstration.