Always Remembered, Always Revered

Issue 12 and Volume 163.

BY BOBBY HALTON Note: The following are updated e-mail addresses for letting Mr. Joe Daniels or Ms. Alice Greenwald know that you would like to have one flag for each individual who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11 flying at the new World Trade Center site:  [email protected]; [email protected] The generic address is [email protected] Americans are said to have short memories. Tragically, very few remember some horrific events in our history. For example, May 18, 1927, was a day of unspeakable terrorism when Andrew Kehoe killed 46 people, including 38 schoolchildren, in Bath, Michigan, because he opposed school taxes. However, we can never forget the chilling words of Timothy McVeigh that the innocent children killed in The Murrah Building were “collateral damage.” Some may have forgotten the innocents slaughtered by Kehoe, but thanks to the beautiful, reverent, and inspiring memorial built in Oklahoma City, we will never forget the…

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