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PROTECTOR Targa 28 Aids in Rapid Rescue by Alameda County (CA) Fire Department

PROTECTOR USA announced that its high-performance Targa 28 played a critical role in a recent on-water rescue by the Alameda County (CA) Fire Department. Within days of its delivery, the Protector Targa 28 employed by the Department’s Special Operations Division as Rescue Boat 11 proved to be a valuable asset for rapid search and rescue operations. On October 6, 2010, the vessel supported the rescue of a man overboard in frigid and turbulent waters near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in San Francisco, California. The Coast Guard received the distress call and turned to the Alameda County Fire Department’s Special Operations team for rapid response. In minutes, Rescue Boat 11 was on the scene to aid the man and safely transfer him to a Coast Guard Station Golden Gate motor lifeboat where he could receive medical attention.

“We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the Targa 28,” said Rob Schnepp, chief of special operations, Alameda County Fire Department. “Protector worked closely with us to customize a boat to match our needs for use in the San Francisco Bay, and so far it has exceeded our expectations.”

Engineered for performance, safety, and seaworthiness in all sea and weather conditions, the Targa 28 has the versatility to serve as a recreational sport cruiser, yacht tender, sailing coach and support boat, and multifunctional commercial patrol or safety vessel. The vessel provides search and rescue teams with comfortable high-speed handling in rough waters to greatly reduce crew fatigue. Protector boats offer unparalleled quality, safe and convenient dock and boat-to-boat boarding, and a fully enclosed cabin with comfortable deck space for up to 10 people.

“The Targa 28 is comfortable and dry, and offers a combination of performance, handling and speed that is perfect for rescue operations,” said Tiffany Shiebler, marketing director, Protector USA. “We are thrilled that the Alameda County Fire Department is using our vessel, and that Rescue Boat 11 allows them to reach on-the-water search and rescue sites faster and perform operations more effectively.”

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