Preplanning Incidents at Shopping Malls

Issue 1 and Volume 164.

BY TOM HENKE The response of the Albany (OR) Fire Department (AFD) to a small fire in the Santa Claus section of the Heritage Mall brought to light the need for preplanning a response to this location and establishing a collaborative relationship with mall management. Santa, his reindeer and elves, and mall employees and shoppers were not injured in the fire call. However, the incident brought the department’s attention to the fact that the mall was difficult to navigate for responders, fire department connection locations were not clearly labeled, and the stores had no visible addresses near the mall’s storefront entrance. (1) A fire department connection outside the mall clearly marks the zone to which it is plumbed. (Photos by author.) (2) “Anchor” stores are their own zone. They are signed with the store name instead of a number. The fire department and Heritage Mall management—Gordon Dobberstein, mall manager; Dave…

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