Green Building Challenges for the Fire Service

Issue 1 and Volume 164.

By JACK J. MURPHY and JIM TIDWELL The green movement in the United States is a serious effort to minimize and even reverse the damage being done to our planet. The federal government has implemented dozens of programs to provide incentives to individuals and businesses to conserve energy and reduce their negative environmental impact. Energy conservation is the area of activity that has garnered the most attention. With declining levels of fossil fuels, increasing costs, and the rise in global temperature, almost everyone agrees that we need to conserve energy wherever possible. The green movement doesn’t stop with energy consumption in buildings; it also encourages recycling building materials and waste and water conservation. GREEN CONSTRUCTION AND ITS COMPONENTS Green construction creates sustainable, high-performance structures that integrate and optimize all major high-performance building attributes such as energy efficiency, durability, life cycle performance, and occupant productivity. This holistic approach to design, construction,…

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