Residential Sprinklers Still Under Fire

Issue 1 and Volume 164.

BY JOHN WATERS AND TIM KNISELY In the United States, the overwhelming maj-ority of fire injuries and fatalities occur in one- and two-family dwellings. Fire protection experts readily agree that sprinklers should be installed in all new one- and two-family dwellings, yet those without such expertise oppose such mandates. Local governments now have the mandated responsibility to provide for fire protection for their communities. Sprinklers play a large role in the fire service delivery system for a given community; prohibitions or roadblocks to the requirement for sprinklers by local government officials contradict the democratic principle on which this country was built. Great strides in fire safety have been made over the past 30 years; the statistics prove a significant decrease in fire deaths and injuries in various types of dwellings, but the percentage of such deaths and injuries occurring in residential properties has not changed. According to the United States…

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