Extrication Zone, Firefighting

Third-Door/Side-Out Tactic

Issue 2 and Volume 164.

BY LES BAKER Creating a wider and more in-line path of egress for patient removal has resulted in a recent trend of total side removals at extrication incidents involving four-door vehicles. At a recent training session at the St. Andrews (SC) Fire Department, a student asked how that concept would apply to a two-door vehicle. It became obvious that rescuers seldom take the time to ensure the same path of egress when removing the patient from the driver or passenger side of a two-door vehicle. When rescuers remove only the door, personnel must turn the patient almost 90° to remove him onto a long backboard (photo 1). (1) Photos by author. Third-door conversions are typically used on two-door vehicles to create a path of egress for backseat passengers, especially when roof removal is not an option. The more common way to complete this tactic involves removing the door and then…

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