House Fire Kills CA Man of 100 Years

San Luis Obispo, CA- The San Luis Obispo City Fire Department arrived at a house fire at approximately 10:46pm and immediately begins a search for an elderly man. Firefighters suffered second degree burns to pull the 100 year old resident from his home on Villa Court according to reports from The Cal Coast News.
Firefighters searched the engulfed home while supporting fire crews continued the attack. One firefighter was treated at a local hospital for second degree burns. “We risked our own lives to go in and search for this victim,” said Fire Captain Matthew Lipson. “The firefighter that pulled the victim from the home received second degree burns to his ears and was transported to the hospital.”
Firefighters extinguished the fire in approximately 15 minutes. “It is very fast for a fire engulfed like this one,” Lipson said.  “We had a lot of resources available and we have fire stations strategically placed so we can knock out fires quickly.”Paramedics from the San Luis Obispo City Fire Department and San Luis Ambulance Service performed advanced life support techniques on the homeowner at the scene. The man was transported to Sierra Vista Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.
Fire officials are currently investigating the cause of the fire.