Firefighter Training

Juvenile Firesetter Online Guide Covers the Unites States, Canada

Now in its 13th year, the online Juvenile Firesetter Resource Guide lists a total of 845 public educators from the United States and Canada. The Guide’s purpose is to provide parents and caregivers with active professionals  in their area who can assist with firesetter intervention services. Here are the totals by state and province:
Alabama-1, Alaska-5, Arizona-30, Arkansas-19, California-54, Colorado-30, Connecticut-8, Delaware-2, District of Columbia-2, Florida-41, Georgia-14, Hawaii-1, Idaho-11, Illinois-71, Indiana-16, Iowa-8, Kansas-9, Kentucky-10, Louisiana-4, Maine-9, Maryland-10, Massachusetts-36, Michigan-39, Minnesota-11, Missouri-11, Montana-4, Nebraska-4, Nevada-6, New Hampshire-15, New Jersey-18, New Mexico-4, New York-27, North Carolina-14, North Dakota-1, Ohio-29, Oklahoma-2, Oregon-13, Pennsylvania-15, Rhode Island-4, South Carolina-6, South Dakota-2, Tennessee-6, Texas-44, Utah-6, Vermont-1, Virginia-29, Washington-36, Wisconsin-41, Wyoming-1

Alberta-6, British Columbia-18, Manitoba-3, New Brunswick-2, Nova Scotia-1, Northwest Territories-1, Ontario-29, Prince Edward Island-1, Saskatchewan-4   

Access the guide HERE.