Cars Explode at NJ Junkyard Fire, Smoke Fills Sky

TRENTON, NJ – The Trenton Fire Department responded to a junkyard fire at Kaars Inc. located on Parker Avenue off North Olden Avenue at 11:07 a.m. Sunday morning. Several vehicles caught fire and exploded according to reports from The Trentonian. A fire started quickly, according to firefighters, after flammable material accidentally ignited while someone worked on an automobile in the yard.

Four engines under the command of two battalion chiefs were sent to the scene to battle the fire. “There were several explosions when companies arrived on scene. Flammable material ignited, and that started the chain of events. With the high winds today, it doesn’t take much for the wind to fan the flames and increase the intensity of the fire.” said Battalion Chief Robert Tharp. 

A resident near to the incident, Samantha Carnesi, reported to hear approximately six explosions. “I was sitting inside with my sisters. I heard a big boom but I didn’t think it was nothing. Then I heard it again and saw a black cloud by my window. Then I looked outside the door and all I saw was black clouds moving by my house.” Carnesi said.

City firefighters “saved the building from igniting” by containing the explosions with a hose line. “Just another outstanding job by the firefighters to obviously prevent the building from being damaged and involved.” Tharp confirmed that the fire was brought under control at 11:57 a.m. which prevented the incident from yielding a “major economic impact” on the junkyard business. 

Authorities confirmed that remaining fire crews left the scene at approximately 2 p.m. after vapor clouds were saturated by the
Hazmatsquad to prevent anything from reigniting. Tharp said. “The building sustained some flame damage to an outside wall, but Tharp said the building is functional and that Kaars Inc. should be able to open Monday morning for business as usual.

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