Truck Company

Suburban Fire Tactics: Prioritizing Functions and Developing Preferred Operating Methods

Issue 3 and Volume 164.

BY JAMES SILVERNAIL The challenges of managing structure fires can be unique and regionally specific; however, all underlying themes are constant. Whether your organization is urban, suburban, or rural, the objectives of rescue, containment, confinement, and extinguishment are the same. What are different are the tactics undertaken to accomplish these objectives. For the majority of suburban-based operations, this means making the most out of what you have and prioritizing essential functions. One way to do this is to establish preferred operating methods (POMS), or suggested operating guidelines. POMs should reflect the conditions that affect your agency’s ability to deliver desired tactics/strategies. These variables include available staffing, responding apparatus, and response-area characteristics. POMs should reflect the minimal staffing available, and tactics should be consistent with the staff’s abilities and training levels. When considering the apparatus variable, evaluate placement, availability, and apparatus type. Know the limitations and capabilities of the vehicles responding.…

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