Firefighter Burn Injuries

Issue 4 and Volume 164.

By KAREN OWENS Scenario: At the station, you are completing dinner when you hear the announcement over the radio: “Dispatch from Broad Street Command, please upgrade this incident to a working fire. We have heavy smoke and fire from A/B corner with an unknown number of occupants still inside.” From this initial dispatch information, you know that you are the first-in medic unit, and you prepare for your response to the incident. Although you are prepared to handle the potential patient care issues, you also begin preparing to conduct rehab at the incident. As you arrive on scene, you are contacted by Operations, who radios you: “Medic 1 from Operations, please place your unit at the corner of Broad and E. Main Street, and meet me face-to-face for your assignment.” During your face-to-face, Operations advises that personnel are still searching for potential trapped occupants and that you should set up…

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