Truck Company

It’s Easy to Get Fooled

Issue 4 and Volume 164.

By Michael N. Ciampo Responding to basic emer-gencies is a large part of this profession. You must be prepared to operate at vehicle accidents; stalled elevators; and gas, steam, and water leaks on a daily basis. The key to responding to these calls is to not let your guard down and to use them to develop a systematic routine and tactical plan. This way, you are prepared if the unordinary occurs. Water leaks are one of those “public service” calls where we try to mitigate the situation and prevent more damage from occurring. Normally, we try to shut down the valve to the leaking pipe or hose feeding the sink or toilet, and it’s a fairly simple task to complete. The valve is usually the “turn” type with a wheel handle on it; when you turn it clockwise, you will shut the valve off (counterclockwise opens the valve). There’s also…

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