Zico Announces EZ-LOC Giveaway Winner

Ziamatic Corp. is pleased to announce Joshua Watkins and the Little Hocking Volunteer Fire Department of Little Hocking, Ohio as the winners of the Ziamatic EZ-LOC Giveaway. 

The Ziamatic EZ-LOC Giveaway took place at the 2011 Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, where attendees were encouraged to enter a drawing to win five (5) brand-new EZ-LOC SCBA brackets, Model QM-EZL-F; enough brackets to outfit an entire apparatus in the latest technology from Zico. The winner was selected at a live drawing on the final day of the show.

“I was very excited!” said Watkins on his reaction to the news. “I have been attending FDIC for four years now and this is the first year I have ever won anything.”

Little Hocking Volunteer Fire Department of Little Hocking, Ohio consists of 32 volunteers and services a population of 5400 residents. They plan to use the brackets to upgrade their 1997 front line pumper, Unit 22. For more information on Little Hocking Fire Department, visit them on the web at www.littlehockingfire.com

“The department already uses Zico wheel chocs, ladder mounts, and low level strainers; so we’re excited to use these new brackets,” added Watkins.

We know that budgets are tight across the country right now,” said Mike Ziaylek, President of Ziamatic Corp. “A lot of departments are making due with older apparatus and equipment. So when we can offer something like this, when we can provide these brave men and women with a chance to upgrade their equipment at no cost to them, well, it’s a very rewarding feeling. We know they’re going to love their new EZ-LOC brackets.”

With the much-buzzed-about EZ-LOC, simply return the SCBA to the bracket and lightly press down on the top clamp to secure. There is no need to risk damage to fingers, SCBAs, or expensive Heads-Up Display module wiring by slamming, jamming and shoving a bottle back into place. The EZ-LOC’s patented ratchet design locks the SCBA over a range of engagement – even in a partially closed position the bottle remains secure. The EZ-LOC is easy on the firefighter and easy on the SCBA.

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