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Firefighters March in NYC to Protest Bloomberg’s Public Safety Cuts

Budget cuts to public safety programs in New York City will move front and center as thousands of New York City firefighters today march in protest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to close 20 companies and jeopardize the safety of New York City residents.

“Firefighters across the country have been standing up for taxpayers and fighting public officials who are cutting budgets and decimating public safety programs. In difficult times when people have so much insecurity, public safety is something they expect from their government. It is an investment we must make,” International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) General President Harold A. Schaitberger said.

As cities around the country struggle to balance budgets, public safety has been a target. Like New York, firefighters are battling mayors and city councils in cities including Atlanta, Detroit, San Jose, Houston, Cleveland and Tulsa.

“These fire companies are fixtures in New York City neighborhoods, and Mayor Bloomberg is putting school children, the elderly, homeowners and business owners throughout the city in grave danger,” Schaitberger said.

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