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National EMS Workforce Agenda for the Future Available

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) has made the document EMS Workforce Agenda for the Future (EMS Workforce Agenda) available for download online at The EMS Workforce Agenda was prepared by the University of California San Francisco with funding from NHTSA and the Emergency Medical Services for Children program at the Health Resources and Services Administration.
The EMS Workforce Agenda envisions a future in which all EMS systems have a sufficient number of well educated, adequately prepared, and appropriately credentialed EMS workers who are valued, well compensated, healthy, and safe. The vision of the EMS Workforce Agenda is ambitious but achievable with the continued collaboration of local, tribal, territorial, State, national, and Federal EMS stakeholders. 
Development of the EMS Workforce Agenda was guided by research, steering committee guidance and input from a group of national stakeholders composed of EMS industry leaders, experts from professional organizations, educational and credentialing organizations, public and private EMS providers, state and federal EMS agencies, and other stakeholder groups.
The EMS Workforce Agenda is available online at under the workforce tab.