SimplexGrinnell LP Faces Texas Lawsuit

National fire protection company SimplexGrinnell LP is facing a Texas lawsuit based on claims that a dry fire sprinkler system installed by the company was later responsible for causing extensive structural damage at an east Texas hospice.

According to the lawsuit filed by attorney Mark W. Moran of the Dallas-based law firm Munck Carter, SimplexGrinnell failed to install an overhead sprinkler system in a safe manner, and failed to hire, train and supervise the individuals who designed and installed the system in the Tyler, Texas-based Hospice of East Texas.

The faulty installation caused water to collect in the system’s pipes, which later froze and burst in January 2010, the lawsuit says.

Further, SimplexGrinnell’s workers didn’t follow proper quality control procedures when they installed the fire sprinkler system, the hospice’s lawsuit states.

Though the water damage occurred more than a year ago, the Hospice of East Texas and its insurance company have been unable to resolve this dispute with SimplexGrinnell, the complaint alleges.

Overall, the lawsuit alleges breach of contract, breach of warranty and negligence on behalf of SimplexGrinnell.

The lawsuit, Hospice of East Texas v. SimplexGrinnell LP, No. 11-0998-C, is pending in Smith County, Texas, district court.