Fol-Da-Tank Announces New H2² Aluminum Frame

Fol-Da-Tank has announced a new aluminum extrusion for folding frame tanks 31 inches or taller. The H22 alum frame combines the strength of an “I” Beam and square tube to create the strongest available frame tubing in the industry. The “H” Tube has a much greater resistance to bending than a standard square tube, which is necessary for taller water tanks, and thus eliminates the need to weld on additional tubes or flat bar. The new “H22” aluminum can also be offered on standard size Fol-Da-Tank frames.

Fol-Da-Tank has also been issued a U.S. patent on their pinch-free Hinge Protector. This design prevents any pinching of the hands or fingers while folding or unfolding a Fol-Da-Tank.

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