Mentoring: Perspectives of the Rookie and the Veteran

Issue 7 and Volume 164.

BY BRIAN WARD AND DAVID RHODES Why is mentoring so important? What value can be gained from such a program, formally or informally? It’s the chance to pass on knowledge and experience that cannot be found in a book or a PowerPoint® program. Mentoring in practice is the fostering of a relationship between an experienced veteran who shares his knowledge and experience with a less experienced firefighter or officer. Although this may sound simple enough in theory, we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to gain all of the benefits that can come from a mentorship. This article presents a two-perspective approach to mentoring, which illustrates that both the veteran and the rookie firefighter must be committed to the principles of mentoring. ROOKIE PERSPECTIVE: Brian Ward So, you have made it through recruit school and you’re a certified firefighter. You’re eager and ready to be cut loose for your first shift. Or…

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