The Company Officer: Cultivating Reliable Team Members

Issue 7 and Volume 164.

BY ARMAND F. GUZZI JR. The company officer is the key player in preparing company members for combat. The most effective way to create a company that is at the “razor’s edge” is to train often. This is by no means an easy task, and there are many bumps in the road ahead for the energetic company officer (CO). Our journey toward creating a razor-sharp organization begins with accepting the fact that our profession is a dangerous one and that the most effective way to reduce the threats our people face is to prepare them properly (photo 1). This article explores some ways the CO can create a more effective fire company, which will make the CO’s job easier. It will create an environment in which the CO can rely on his people and the company that is envied by other department members. (1) You don’t have six months to…

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