How to Improve Your Workers’ Compensation Program

Issue 8 and Volume 164.

BY PETER BRYAN Workers’ Compensation (WC) programs are designed to treat injured employees and return them to their preinjury working status. This is not always possible, for a variety of reasons. Very few agencies have or take the time to develop their WC programs to be as successful as they could be, not because of a lack of desire but rather the lack of the execution of some well-known components. Each component will take effort and, in many cases, dialogue/agreement with interested stakeholders. Following some “secrets” can help you ensure your WC program is successful. 1 Review active litigated claims regularly. It is imperative that you assign someone to review WC cases and claims regularly, at least every two weeks. One of the most frequent complaints employees make is, “I never hear anything.” Delays are among one of the most “preventable” costs to agencies. The reviewer should have the authority…

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