ME Public Safety Communications Tower Designed to Resemble Fire Tower

Mount Blue in Avon, Maine, is about to see a public safety communications project break ground that is both unique and aesthetically pleasing. 

The construction of a microwave broadcast tower resembling a traditional Maine forest fire lookout tower is currently gearing up to take place. The microwave antennae (round white dishes) will be housed inside the cab and stick antennas will be attached to the outside of the cab (see photo). At first opposed to the idea, local residents changed their mind and welcomed the project after learning of its unique nature and limited intrusion. Completion is expected in the fall.

The new radio tower will have a minimal impact on the vegetation and surrounding environment, and will use solar panels to harness its primary power.

This is a unique design that incorporates Maine’s conservation history with modern-day public safety technology–it also provides value to other state and county agencies facing similar needs and circumstances.