Firefighting, Legal, Technical Rescue

Managing the Information: Preemergency Networking Through Postincident Hotwash

Issue 9 and Volume 164.

BY CHRISTOPHER TRACY In an age of international and domestic terror, fire service and law enforcement representatives are working collaboratively with the private sector and media across the country to find ways to enhance their response capabilities and better secure their emergency scenes. This article addresses the critical role information and intelligence management plays in a terrorism incident, from the preincident development of interagency collaboration and media relationships to the coordination of information and intelligence gathered and shared by responding agencies from the event’s inception through its resolution, and addresses message control with the media, concerned parties, and the general public. Information management has become a key component of terrorist response. This article also provides background and tools to help responders better prepare and more effectively control and communicate information at terrorist events, especially in jurisdictions outside of metro and large urban areas. (1) A Fairfield County (CT) Hazardous Incident…

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