Firefighting, Hazmat, Terrorism

Drill Validates FDNY’s Management/Technical Operations Task Force

Issue 9 and Volume 164.

BY ROBERT MAYNES In April 2011, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) exercised two unique resources at a complex terrorism drill at the Center for National Response (CNR) in Gallagher, West Virginia. The result was that FDNY reinforced its ability to field an Incident Management Team (IMT) that can support operations at a Type One complexity terrorist incident. Additionally, FDNY established the capacity to respond with a Special Operations Task Force with the ability to conduct technical rescue and hazardous materials operations at complex incidents for continuous 24-hour operational periods. The combined teams serve as a national model with the capacity to respond to a mutual-aid or Emergency Assistance Compact (EMAC) request nationally. The IMT is prepared to support complex incidents in unified command with local agencies or with additional assigned IMTs. How did the two resources coordinate a response 580 miles from New York City and operate cooperatively…

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