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National Campus Fire Safety Month 2011 Begins Today

Now in its seventh year, September has become a time when campuses across the nation help make students more aware of the role that they play in making sure they don’t have a fire or become a victim.

More schools are doing more education…whether it is presentations during freshman orientation or side-by-side burns.

Is it working?

In the 2006-2007 academic year saw a peak of 20 campus-related fire deaths.  Since that tragic year, deaths have been dropping with 6 fire deaths in the 2010-2011 academic year, a significant decrease.  While we will never know for sure what is the cause of this decrease, education surely plays a significant role.

To help you in your efforts, here are some resources that you may find useful…


Campus Firewatch’s annual Campus Fire Safety Tip-a-Day program has grown this year to include links to online campus fire safety education video clips.  You can follow Campus Firewatch to receive these tips every weekday through Twitter @campusfirewatch or you can download a PDF of the tips from the Tip-a-Day page.

Stats and Data

Campus Firewatch has been compiling information since 2000 on campus-related fire incidents.  On this page is information on fire fatalities, a map of these incidents, a compilation of all campus-related fires and more. Go to the Current Fire Information page.

Information Sheet

This is a succinct, two-page summary of fatal fires for the current year and over the past years. Download PDF 

Education Resources

Links to online education resources that you can use as part of your programs. Campus Firewatch Education Resource Page.

USFA Focus on Fire Safety

The United States Fire Administration has developed a page with a wealth of information focusing on campus fire safety.  Go to the page.

State and Federal Proclamations for Campus Fire Safety Month

You can see the states that have issued proclamations, so far, in an interactive map where you can also download the proclamations themselves!  This list will unquestionably grow as the month goes on as more governors sign proclamations.  You can also download the letter sent to the governors each year as well as the model language for the proclamations.  Go to the proclamation page.

Fire Safety for Students with Disabilities

The Michael H. Minger Foundation is developing materials focusing on fire safety for students with disabilities.  It has released four videos featuring students with disabilities talking about how to stay fire safe. Another train-the-trainer video will be released in September along with a Guide to Teaching Fire Safety to Students with Disabilities.  You can view the videos and a wealth of research information compiled by the Foundation at

As the school year starts and students return to the campuses and communities, this is an opportunity to reach out and make students and parents aware of what they can do to make sure they have a safe year.  Good luck!