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Emergency Training Simulator at Pocono, Wildwood Conventions

WILMINGTON, DE:  Personal Protection Equipment Specialists, Inc (PPES) and their innovative mobile training simulator, the GUARDIAN, will be featured at two important East Coast conventions for first responders only a week apart this September.

First on the calendar is the New Jersey State Firemen’s Convention at Wildwoods Convention Center, taking place September 14 through the 17 in Wildwood, New Jersey. Then on September 21 through the 24, the 2011 Pennsylvania State Fire Convention will be held at Split Rock Resort in the Galleria at Lake Harmony, PA. The press is invited to witness this newly patented simulator in action at either event by contacting Jay Gundel & Associates at (302) 658-1674.

The GUARDIAN meets a need that became apparent after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. This groundbreaking mobile training simulator is able to re-create over 200 disaster scenarios that a first responder may encounter. Available in either a 24′ or 30′ trailer divided into two floors, the unit is designed to safely prepare rescuers by simulating a building collapse, of which first responders had to contend at Ground Zero.

Whether the results of earthquakes, explosions, cave-ins or fires, the effects of such disasters can now be safely re-created in a controlled environment. Trainees will find themselves having to crawl through two levels of narrow spaces of a pancaked building on a mission to rescue a trapped victim, while acquiring the hands-on experience in perfecting necessary techniques in stabilizing collapsed environments, shoring up flooring, containing gas leaks and accessing, lifting and extricating victims from life-threatening environments. Hindered by limited visibility, smoke and debris, and encumbered by pounds of protective gear and bulky breathing apparatus, trainees learn the essential value of teamwork and strategizing under conditions that have been referred to as being “as real as it gets.”

Designed to meet the needs of FEMA Urban Search & Rescue operations, terrorist task forces, Federal law enforcement, emergency medical service providers or local volunteer firefighters, the GUARDIAN can be reconfigured and customizing to reflect virtually every possible rescue scenario. Air pistons can simulate after-shocks and structural settling. Additional modules can allow for training in a window-rescue situation, cement wall breaching or a sewer line escape. In late August the Montgomery County Fire Academy took delivery of this powerful new tool in disaster training at its Conshohocken, PA, campus.

About Personal Protection Equipment Specialists, Inc.

Founded in 1996, PPES is a full-service company specializing in meeting the needs of first-responders and the fire and rescue industry. In addition to the GUARDIAN Safety and Survival Training Simulator, PPES provides Rescue and EMS equipment, service, training and certification. More information is available by contacting Jay Gundel & Associates at (302) 658-1674. Photos, video footage and details of this innovative simulator are available and personalized tours can be arranged by request.